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Women on the Tools Consulting was set up to meet a significant need and increasing demand from a wide range of organisations – from schools and colleges, to building and construction companies, and social housing providers – who are becoming concerned about their inability to attract women into training and/or into eventual employment ‘on the tools’.

As a business, Women on the Tools Consulting deploys carefully matched expert consultants to work with client organisations seeking consultancy support and guidance to substantially improve their performance in supporting, guiding, training or employing tradeswomen.

The extent of awareness of the problem varies hugely, both from organisation to organisation and from sector to sector, but at root virtually everywhere is the issue of gender stereotyping and an apparent inability to see ‘the proposition’ from a female perspective.

So there is a great deal of work to do; in challenging attitudes and learning new ways of doing things; new ways of listening and new ways of organising.

But the prizes are great! In schools and colleges – to become ‘brand leaders’ in beating stereotypes and leading a cultural revolution; and amongst employers, by becoming champions and leaders in making ‘women on the tools’ in their organisations, the norm – no longer the exception.

Services available include:

  • One-off consultations, generally 1 day ‘explanatory’ sessions for senior staff
  • Medium-term training and consultancy programmes, training and advising key personnel
  • Long-term consultancy assignments, where consultants ‘travel alongside’ organisations over times, supporting them in changing their practice.

But whatever we deliver will be designed specifically around the needs of each individual client organisation.