For Tradeswomen

When Women and Manual Trades members first came together for mutual support and encouragement 40 years ago, the network they created addressed a need that is as strong today, because the isolation of tradeswomen has changed very little since 1975. For this reason, and more, Women on the Tools believes that a tradeswomen’s network still has a number of vital roles to play.

Our vision is of a large, very visible and vibrant national network of tradeswomen active in all corners of the UK. This network will put women on the tools in touch with one another, in touch with us, and in touch with people who want to engage with them, and has the potential to be a real ‘game-changer’ for our campaign. It is for that reason we are serious about growing the National Tradeswomen’s Network – which you can join for free here.

We are encouraging practical ‘in kind’ support from supporters in local communities, in the form of free venues for meetings. In that way, once a welcoming place of meeting can be provided, we hope to facilitate the establishment of local networks for tradeswomen, initially women known to us, but soon attracting tradeswomen new to us. These local networks will be connected with one another in a ‘network of networks’ and formed into a truly National Tradeswomen’s Network.

Through the Network, women working on the tools will become more visible, and through increased visibility, they will help to bring about the massive change in social attitudes we need to see.  In that way, tradeswomen from around the UK can help bring the campaign for women on the tools closer to its goal of 50% of the building skills workforce being women.


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Women on the Tools member Wendy Gill, owner of Female Tiler. Photo: Leo Hillier