Relaunch as Women on the Tools!

Women and Manual Trades (WAMT) has been working tirelessly for tradeswomen for over 40 years.  Throughout our long history we’ve been busy celebrating women working “on the tools”, helping to advance their careers with our projects, and promoting building trades as a positive career choice for women.

The name Women and Manual Trades has served us well for a long time, but with so much change over the past 40 years it’s become outdated and the organisation deserves a name that’s fresh, focused, and vibrant.  Something that reflects the power and professionalism of the tradeswomen we represent.  Something which will be instantly recognised and understood by the building trades and construction industry of which women should be forming a far larger part.

So, the organisation has chosen to relaunch as Women on the Tools.  We like this name because it’s exactly who we’re working for. It’s sharp and snappy. It’s more colloquial and less formal.

The phrase “on the tools” is used every day by construction professionals and tradespeople alike.  By adopting a name which uses words commonly heard in the sector, we hope the industry will understand what we are trying to do and will want to work with us to advance the prospects of the tradeswomen we are so proud to support.

In a world where organisations like ours need to be dynamic, determined, and ever-adaptable, we’re excited about rebooting WAMT as Women on the Tools.  The name points to our intention to form closer ties with the construction industry at the highest level, whilst keeping tradeswomen firmly at the heart of who we are and what we do.

By rolling with the times in this way, we’re planning on ensuring that this organisation is here in another 40 years time, doing exactly what we do best – working with, and campaigning for, the UK’s amazing tradeswomen.