The Campaign

It is our goal to rewire the minds of a vast number of people in the UK so that women on the tools will one day be the norm, not the exception!

Research shows that it is between the ages of 5 and 7 years that most children form their ideas about role stereotypes, which means ideally we need to reach parents of young girls and challenge them to re-think the expectations they have of their daughters.

It is regrettable that in 2016, 16 year old girls who want to be electricians, carpenters and plumbers are still not encouraged by their families and teachers from these career paths.

Since the Second World War women have made huge advances in the professional world, however there has been no matching increase in the numbers of women working in the skilled manual trades, despite a  there being a massive UK skill shortage in the construction and building industries.

A significant culture change is urgently needed, especially on the part of schools, colleges, employers and government, who need to take a lead in bringing about change. We cannot continue to ignore and under-utilise 51% of the population; this woeful situation not only limits the life choices of women, but is also patently economically foolish.